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All In One Mounts

Desktop workstation solutions

RackSolutions All-In-One products allow for a desktop computer and monitor to become one unit.

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More information about RackSolutions All In One

Our All-in-One mounts are the perfect desktop workstation solution. These mounts are ideal for retail or school environments where you need to mount multiple computer configurations in a small area. The optional cover protects and secures cables from being tampered with or accidentally unplugged. Features include an ergonomic handle for easy transportation (if necessary). Rubber feet installed at the bottom of the All-In-One mounts prevent slipping of the unit. The monitor on our custom all in one desktop mounts tilt and slide up and down based on user preference. RackSolutions stocks universal all in one mounts as well as custom all in one mounts to suit your specific needs. We also carry laptop stands and tablet mounts to provide a wide range of all in one workstation mounts for every situation!