Best server racks for the home and office

Tons of people search for ‘home’ or ‘office’ sized server racks, but unfortunately, that’s not how things are sized in the industry. We usually follow up with questions about how much U space, depth and security they require.  Today’s a…

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Data Center

Data centers: The COVID-19 impact

Reports are showing that cloud computing, unlike many other industries, has seen a massive uptick in volume during the COVID-19 crisis. Because a publicly released vaccine is unlikely to enter the market for some time, content driven data centers might…

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Rack Units

What is “U” height? Rack Units explained

  When in the market for server racks, the most common differentiation between racks of the same ilk is how many “U’s” they have. The U in this case refers to rack units, which is a standardized method of tracking…

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19 inch rack

What is a 19 inch rack?

One of the first terms you’ll learn in the world of server is ‘19 inch rack’ because this is a standard that the industry revolves around. 19 inches refers to the mountable width of servers and the racks that they…

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