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+ What thread size do cage nuts accept? 

We offer cage nuts for 10-32, 12-24 and M6 screws. These are color coded as silver, black and gold in your Individual Cage Nuts & Screws kit.

+ Do you need a cage nut tool to install cage nuts? 

Something that unites rack technicians is the shared experience of hurt hands after setting up a rack. Installing cage nuts requires putting pressure on thin metal prongs, which becomes uncomfortable after a few go arounds. 

Not only do cage nuts allow for a more pleasant installation experience, but they help speed up the process. If you need to set up more than a single, averaged size server rack, then cage nut tools will simply save you time. 

+ Will the shoulder screws and nuts work with my server? 

We sell shoulder screws and nuts for Dell servers ONLY. They are not compatible with any other brands of servers.

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