Whether you need to mount Dell equipment in a 3rd party rack or 3rd party equipment in a Dell rack, RackSolutions has options to assist you. By designing and manufacturing an extensive assortment of rack rails for most generations of Dell servers, RackSolutions has become a reliable, rail source for data centers. For several years, RackSolutions also known as Innovation First International has successfully provided custom solutions for Dell devices. All-In-Ones, designed specifically for Dell PCs, and Rack-to-Tower devices, created for Dell servers, are great examples of such ingenuity.

Our list of Dell SKUs is a quick way to identify RackSolutions products that have already been setup in the Dell ordering system.

Our Dell solutions throughout the years


2-Post to 4-Post Conversion Kit


Dell Optiplex Mini Tower Shelf


Custom 42U Rack




Dell R510 Rail Kit


PC Wall Mount & Keyboard Wall Mount


Custom 16U Enclosed Portable Cabinet


Dell Precision PC Sliding Shelf for 4 Post Rack


Dell R740XD Bezel

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